Project #13

Project:#13 Short Story Project

Part One

Classic Short Stories When you read a short story, or any piece of fiction for that matter, you must keep a record of information which is distributed throughout the piece. I have devised a "tool" for you to use which keeps track of this data. I call it a Fact Sheet. You should copy the information from the Fact Sheet onto a piece of paper so you can keep track of the vital data of the story you read.

Here is a collection of Classic Short Stories. Here is the source.
Content of Black Disk


Awesome Stories passwd: reynolds42

An Essay I wrote on this process.

Stories I use:

  • Do You Know Where I Am? A short story by Sherman Alexie
  • The Emperor's Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy
  • Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
  • Scarlet Ibis webquest
  • DIVERSE Short Story Collection.
  • Lost and Found Mr Beller's Neighborhood.

    Additional Resources

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    Part Two

    Hypertext Short Stories

    You will be writing a critique of Hypertext Fiction. Be sure to link to sources.

    Part Three

    Writing Your Own Hypertext Short Story

    Your final assignment will be to write your own hypertest short story as ss3.html.
    Use the
    fact sheet to organize your story.
    Be sure to use lots of dialogue.

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