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This is a list of my favorite lists.
What is a List?
Read about some in detail.

IMPORTANT: You will receive a message from each list you subscribe to. That message will contain info about unsubcscribing, posting, other goodies. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT delete that message . Save that message. I have created folder in my mail directory called Register which is where I put that message for future reference.

Just rememeber I warned you. If you delete those important messages you will be sorry later. You have been warned!


SHAKSPER  mailing list  
(The  Shakespeare Electronic Conference) 
send email to: editor@WS.BOWIESTATE.EDU 
to be added to this list.
AERA-A: Educational Administration Forum
ListProcessor Address:
Request: sub AERA-A your name
K12ADMIN: K-12 Educators Interested in Educational Administration
Request: sub K12ADMIN your name
****************************** to subscribe and view
Edupage: A digested form of cyber-news twice a week.  Great info.
ListProcessor Address:
Request:                SUBSCRIBE EDUPAGE your first last name
List Description:       EDUPAGE
Welcome to A.Word.A.Day.
How can I subscribe/unsubscribe?
   Send a message to:
   Leave the body of the message blank and make the subject line as follows:
   To subscribe:
CoSN:Consortium of School Networking
subscribe cosndisc first last name
EDNET: A list for educators
 to subscribe:
subscribe ednet your first and last name
ACW-L: A list for English teachers.
to subscribe:
subscribe acw-l first last name
global-watch: Global SchoolNet Foundation  Connecting teachers and schools to
other teachers and schools around the globe.
to subscribe:
subscribe global-watch your email address
RHETNT-L: A great list for English teachers
subscribe RHETNT-L your first last name
wwwedu: list for teachers using www
to subscribe:
subscribe wwwedu your first and last name
to subscribe:
subscribe ncte-talk your first and last name
to subscribe:
subscribe cyber-rights your first and last name
Classroom Connect Mailing List: Great resource for teachers.
to subscribe:
subscribe crc your first and last name
subscribe netizens your email address
subscribe news your email address
SUBSCRIBE CYBERSPACE-LAW your first and  last name