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for inquiry 97


  • Cosby at TC Commencement 1998.


  • Republicans Present Schools Bill calling for Teacher Testing
  • US TECHnology Program may Grow to include Online ED
  • Tech Conf @ TC
  • How to Energize EDuc
  • Teachers Face Loss of Benefits at LA Charter Schools
  • Lawsuit Challenges Internet Restrictions
  • Where All Doors are Open for Disabled Students
  • Professor Bashing
  • SEX ETC comes to a school near you
  • Urban Schools Do Not Need More Money, NJ Argues
  • Group Sues U Mich over Diversity
  • Safety Lessons for the Internet
  • Experimentation with Single-Sex Ed
  • National Tset
    Tyranny of Tests
    Letters to Editor re Tests
  • Union Leader Asks Teachers to close weak Schools
  • Clinton asks for $300 M to train teachers
  • Schools to Seek Parent Role in Evaluating Teachers
  • California Parents Sue for Repairs of Schools
  • Chicago Schools
  • End of Chicago's Ed School Stirs Debate

    NYC Politics

  • New Politics of Education Casts Blacks in Starring Role
  • Messinger slams Giuliani on educational matters
  • Messinger reaches out to cops and teachers
  • Messinger'sBudget Blunder
  • When Messinger cools on Crew, Mayor shifts to warm

    NYC & Computers

  • New York Schools Lag Behind in Computers
  • Making the Net Work for Kids: It Ain't the Hardware
  • It's about Vision

    NYC Schools

  • NYC's mayor and Schools
  • Rudy Crew's Critics
  • NYC Schools Chancellor Drafts New Standards for Principals
  • Crowded out of Schools
  • Small Schools Face Limits on Autonomy
    In NYC, A Public Dispute Over Small Schools
  • Goldman Sachs Invests in City Schools
  • Bronx Teacher buys Heroin during Lunch Break
  • Laundry in Bronx becomes Toxic School
  • Crew Defends Establishment of All-Girls School
  • Painting may help schools
  • Efficacy Institute comes to NYC BOE
  • NYTimes ed on Efficacy decision
  • 3rd Grade Reading scores UP!
  • Majors for NYC Schools
    NY State Drops Plan for Majors
  • Crew Reverses Veto
  • New Superintendent Moves In
  • Analysis of Crew Reversal
  • Toughening the Will to Toughen the Mind


  • Grade Inflation @ CUNY
  • CUNY Head May win new post
  • CUNY Head Quits!
  • CUNY Head's departure draws mixed reactions
  • New CUNY Head search seen as chance to raise standards

    From around the globe

  • In School @Home in Australia
    Computers in schools?
  • Computer Pastimes No Longer Viewed as Brain Poison
  • From Now On Excellent collection of articles about the Internet in education.
  • Horizon More articles by wired teachers.
  • Still skeptical? More proof!
  • The Computer Delusion The Atlantic 7/97
  • Bonnie Bracey Responds to Computer Delusion
  • Computers Have Little Use Without Teacher Training, Study Says
  • Retooling Education
  • Preschool Years: As The Twig Is Bent Brain Development
  • Untangling the Web: Applications of the Internet and other information technologies to higher education