Final Paper: An interview with a superintendent on topic of Getting There from Here

Class Notes:


Goals of Study
Promote effective and stable school board and superintendent
Help establish clear understandings of the roles and
     responsiblities of schoolboards nand superintendents.

Enhance school district governance teams so that school board &
     superintendent can raise student achievement.

Four Fold Thrust for Leadrship in Educaion

These four work together with both Board and Superintendency. 
     Both are working in tandem on these
Partnership between Bd and super

Stable Leadership
     School Board Elections & Service
          Candidate orientation workshop
               Is board appointment a step to higher office
               could be good or bad
               let cand know what they are getting into
          Elections at large
               instead by prescint
          Staggered terms
               like lower house of rep: 3 year term 1/3 expire
                    each year so all not replaced at once
          Reimbursement NOT compensation
          Avoiding conflict of interests
               family, business, students
          Stability in Board leadership
               not everyone is a good leader, so you may lose a
                    powerful person
          Continuity in Board membership
               term limits?

Superintendent Selection and Service
          Selection process is a top district priority
          Match is critical
               create a spec of what is wanted
          Agreement on job description and evaluation process
          Long term contract for superintendent

Goal #2
Help establish Clar Understandings of Roles and Responsibilities
by Board Members and Superintendent

          Recruit and support a superintendent
          Establish a long term vision
          Operate as a "committee of the whole" not holistic
          Focus school board meetings on policy issues  
Special Board Activities
     Board orientation workshops with staff
     Team building activities with the superintendent
     Building and adopting the budget while delegating its admin
     Goal settings for collective bargaining
     Advocating for students
     Becoming familiar with student needs and achievement
     Delegating personnel issues to the superintendent

Roles & Responsibilities of the Superintendent
     Serving as an educational leader and model
     Providing leadership to the Board in policy making, goal
          setting, and budget development
     Increasing Board understanding of current eductional issues
     Working closely with the Board chair in setting Board
          meeting agendas, communicating on leadership issues and
          encouraging a long-term vision for the Board
     Providing leadership support to principals on curriculum and
          studnet achieveement matters.
     Encouraging parent participation
     Developing effective media relations
     Expecting high student achievement
     Evaluating the effectiveness of school programs
     Facilitating the effective conduct of Board meetings
     Serving as liason with the community
     Visiting schools often to become

should plan for teamwork
Establish strong trust relationships

Establish a blue ribbon task force
Amend "sunshine laws"

Provide development activities for local Board/Superintendent


Faculty and student modeling team approach
use of cohort (size) system is a good one working in teams
in and outside class simulation
5 P's the theory to practice
Practice and simulation (diversity in the thinking
components/listening, debate)
don't rely only on written products
Alert studnets to land mines (do's/dont's)
Tapes of board meetings
Analyze politics, communications, cultures, making choices.
go out into the field more often
bring in experts
Internship emphasizing development of a vision and structure
Board member training
Analysis of supt contracts
Practice board educator role
Collective bargaining, NSPRA, 
Univ faculty modeling of effective teaching
politics analysis emphasis
team work, building board relations
evaluating prospective employers
support change and effective practice
deepen theoretical understanding

School Board meeting is just the tip of the iceberg
three envelopes
     hire a consultant, form a committee, prepare three envelopes

Education is non-Political
Do not call John Fallon
create a powerbase

11/15/97  pm session

three years of foriegn language hs requirement 
Big 3 Imperative:


what is said to Ray?
     Paxton is upset! late nights and data collection for
     presentation.  Explain data about their schools and what
     other data can be collected.

Identify new construct:
     give another test, portfolio to show success, longitudinal,
     pre/post tests; compare schools demographically, make clear
     how this school has had its successes in light of poor
     record.  clear goals for school and how to assess new goals. 
     documanet attendance, parent involvement

     yes, but try to stay away from teaching to the test, prepare
     them to at least take it,  the public looks to the tests to
     evaluate,  because tests do drive curriculum.  tie teachers
     performance to students performance, somehow these need to
     be linked. 

how should all be involved?
     share and come up with plan and inform parents help them
     with hw help, after school programs, come in to read in
     school, short term to inform and plan for long term; if we
     are doing a good job with long term kids how about the newer
     kids which requires the faculty, team building for long term
     may develop collaboration and assist in more ownership by
     staff to improve the school's performance.  SDM, less
     vertical and more horizontal.  

cooper ross: death and dying

Change as Fowler sees it:
Out with the Old:

School & Program Process Evaluations
Middle States accreditation: a snapshot
Identified "best practices"
     replication dosn't work
National schools of excellence and other "contests"

Teacher Process Evaluation
     Observation of the the teacher process: snapshot, aided and
          abetted by Union
     Summarize of "professional activities"  again process
          oriented, snapshots
     Test-checking the classroom "envionment": furnture

Admin Activity Evaluations
     How s/he spent time this year
     Which administrative "activities" were completed
     How staff, students, and parents "feel" about the

School and Program Product Evaluations
     Normed test results
     Clasroom evidence of student skills, knowledge, and
     Formalized customer feedback on school services

Longitudinal Rather than Cross-Sectional Measurement
     look to long range and not just short term of a snapshot.

What measure tells the Most about School of Program Impact?
     The average 3rd Grade Score?
     Compare last year Avg to this year?
     Percent of students making appropriate progress?
     The percent of students with a low score?

Better might be to collect data on how individual kid improves,
continual progress of each kid, not school average.

As a Parent I want to know:
     Is my chlid making progress appropriate to age, academic
          background, and the exit level standards?
     Is my child in a class/school where progress is being made?

Teacher Performance evaluaion:
     % of kids making appropriate progress
     customer feedback (student & parents)
     peer evaluation

Admin performance evaluation
     % of kids making appropriate progress
     customer feedback (staff, student, and parent)
     school/personal goal accomplishment (make it product
          oriented and provide method to achieve it)

Board Role in supporting Product Evaluation
     devoting meeing time to studying data
     provide fiscal resources needed to implement  product
          evaluation (normative assessment, customer feedback
          costs, data collection)
     set clear and reasonable goals for product and staff
     insure an environment of "empowerment" rather than
     provide the resources necessary for self-development
     model positive, product-oriented evaluation through Board
          self-evaluation activiies
Childen will meet higher standards of learning when we all focus
on the products of our work and the progress of our efforts.

Sputnik caused the largest federal involvement in education -
     1957.  Ugly American
In 1965 Civil Rights Act influenced by Bd of Ed 1954 and Colman's
     work, even from Plessy v Ferguson.
SEE "Separate and Equal" 

Technological solutions to education:

There are an abundance of "solutions" - do we know the problem?
     to understand the problem we must envision a future
Cassandra team = create a team of people who poke holes in

Read Separate and Equal & Where's Our Neighborhood School for HW
Sun Morn.

equal access to all
bring facilities up to snuff
create other magnet schools
Umbrella of choice
Magnet School/Program: implies choice in face of local school,
     test to get in
Open enrollment: w/ or w/o transportation, 
Charter School: