History History: with Callie Waite
  • My Educational History first paper 7/14/97
  • The Influence of Emma Hart Willard second paper 7/21/97
  • School: the glue that holds us together Final Paper 7/31/97
  • Class Notes
  • Notes of Kaestle's Pillars of the Republic
  • Notes of Kiner's "The Cry of Sodom Enquired Into:.."
  • The Abnormal Birth of the Normal School: Forefathers and a Mother, 1820-1850 Homepage
  • Emma Willard
  • Lucia B Downing
  • Twelfth Report by H. Mann
  • Educating Women in America by Sally Schwager
  • The Progressive, The Immigrant, and The School by Paula Fass
  • True Character of New York Public Schools by Adele Marie Shaw
  • Reflections of Education

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